Issue XII, 2015

Download : ENN Newsletter XII, 2015


O: Editorial                                                    

I: Fourth International ENN Conference    (Ghent University)           
II: Conference Report                           
      Speech melody: Cross-disciplinary practices in teaching languages, text interpretation and music
      Saratov State University – Balashov, Russia – March 3 and 4, 2015   

III: Research Centers
      III.1: Interdisciplinary Centre for Narratology (ICN)
              University of Hamburg                           
      III.2: Center for Narrative Research (CNR) / Zentrum für
              Erzählforschung (ZEF)
              University of Wuppertal                           
      III.3: A History of Distributed Cognition
              University of Edinburgh                           

IV: New Publications                               


About us

ENN is the European Narratology Network, an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions. ENN aims to foster the study of narrative representation in literature, film, digital media, etc. across all European languages and cultures.