Narrative im Bruch: Theoretische Positionen und Anwendungen

TitleNarrative im Bruch: Theoretische Positionen und Anwendungen
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBabka, A, Bidwell-Steiner, M, Müller-Funk, W
PublisherV&R Unipress
ISBN Number978-3-8470-0596-4
KeywordsLanguage Arts & Disciplines / General

This book centers on narrative rupture, seeking to elucidate its role as a primary epistemological tool. Rupture can be conceived of as a ‘travelling concept’ (Bal 2002), as a basic cognitive instrument. On account of its elementary structure and rich semiotic implications, it has traversed academic time and space, serving ever more as an integral part of a wide variety of artistic, intellectual and ideological paradigms. This first volume of a series dealing with the relationship between narration and rupture approaches the concept of narrative disruption on a meta-methodological level. By laying the foundations for a general cultural theory of narrative rupture, we hope to contribute to the larger project of a narratology-based theory of culture.

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