Submissions for publication within the /Narratologia /book series can

be submitted in English only. Please note that it is mandatory for

authors whose native language is not English to have their texts

proofread by a native speaker prior to initial submission. The editorial

board reserves the right to reject papers solely on the basis of poor

language quality.


* As pointed out in our initial call for papers, these submissions will

not be published as “conference proceedings”: rather than the texts of

the conference lectures, they need to be fully-developed articles based

on the presentations given at the conference. Articles can be about

8,000 words in length, text, footnotes and bibliography included. For

the volume, we are sending the most recent style sheet as attachment. We

will also forward a file with a pre-formatted model page that you can

work on directly.  Of course, we would immensely appreciate your

following the recommendations as best you can. This will speed up the

editing process.


* Please note that we can only consider papers that were presented at

the conference in Ghent, and not any other materials. As announced in

our initial CFP, we will not be able to accommodate in print all papers

presented at the conference. Hence, we encourage authors to actively

explore other options, e.g. the publication of a number of thematically

related papers within a journal's special issue, etc.. We will continue

to circulate other options via the ENN newsletter.


*Note that all publications will be peer-reviewed by anonymous readers

once the authors have revised their articles following the comments and

suggestions of the editors of the publication and the book series in

question. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with Narratologia's

profile: "The Narratologia series publishes state-of-the-art monographs

and collective volumes devoted to modern narrative theory and its

historical reconstruction in all the philological disciplines. In

addition to literary texts, the series focuses on narration in everyday

contexts, in pictorial media, in film and in the new media as well as on

narration in historiography, ethnology, medicine, and law. All volumes

are peer reviewed by two anonymous reviewers."


* Articles should be sent to Gunther Martens (head of ENN Steering

Committee) and Tobias Hermans (secretary of ENN Ghent Office) via


We look forward to receiving your articles. Do not hesitate to write us

if you require any further information.


With best regards,

on behalf of ENN's Steering Committee


Gunther Martens

Karin Kukkonen

Ondrej Sladek

Stefan Iversen





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ENN is the European Narratology Network, an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions. ENN aims to foster the study of narrative representation in literature, film, digital media, etc. across all European languages and cultures.