ENN Steering Committee Elections 2017 (deadline: 7 July)

Dear ENN Members,
Under the terms of the Constitution of the European Narratology Network, three members of the Steering Committee will be elected during the business meeting which is to take place at the ENN conference in Prague from 13 to 15 September.
We warmly invite existing ENN members to stand for election. ENN has continued to grow in membership: There are currently 981 registered members. We invite ENN members to step forward in order to contribute to the continuing success of ENN. The newly elected steering committee will get to shape the future of the network: In keeping with the constitution, the Members of the Steering Committee shall appoint from among their ranks the organiser of the next bi-annual ENN conference (ENN 6).
* Nomination procedure: In accordance with § 4, candidates need to be nominated by two other ENN members, and need to formally accept their nomination in writing. This means that in the coming weeks, candidates for election to the Steering Committee must submit two (2) letters of nomination signed by active members of the ENN together with a signed statement of acceptance by the nominee to the Steering Committee.
* Deadline: In view of the upcoming vacation, nominations and acceptance statements have to reach the ENN steering committee by 7 July at the latest. The signed letters of nomination and the signed statement of acceptance – in PDF – are to be sent to the acting Chairman of the ENN Steering Committee, Gunther Martens, at:
Please find below the relevant clauses of the Constitution (the complete Constitution can be found on the ENN homepage at http://www.narratology.net/node/263). A  Draft letter of nomination is to be found as an attachment to this website link: http://www.narratology.net/node/382
We look forward to receiving your applications!
The Steering Committee:
Karin Kukkonen
Gunther Martens
Ondrej Sladek

§ 4. The Steering Committee

4.1   Management of the ENN will be entrusted to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of three (3) elected members. Members of the Steering Committee shall be Members of the ENN.

4.2   Election to the Steering Committee takes place by a vote of the General Meeting at the time of the bi-annual conference. Vacancies on the Steering Committee shall be filled by election and the result declared at the respective General Meeting. All Members of the ENN are eligible for election to the Steering Committee. Nominations, by ENN Members who are not members of the Steering Committee, must be followed by a statement from the nominee confirming his or her willingness to serve. Nominations must reach the Secretary on or before the published deadline for nominations, which shall be no less than eight (8) weeks prior to the General Meeting.

4.3   Elected Members of the Steering Committee normally serve for two (2) years, with one-third of their number retiring at the time of each election. Retiring Members are eligible for immediate re-election for one further term in office of two (2) years.

4.4   The quorum for meetings of the Steering Committee consists of the three (3) elected members of the Steering Committee.


§ 5. Officers of the Steering Committee

5.1     The Members of the Steering Committee shall appoint a Chairperson and a Secretary from among their ranks immediately after the election.   

5.2     The Chairperson’s home institution serves as the official headquarters for the ENN during the given period. The Chairperson is responsible for maintenance of the ENN homepage and mailing list.

5.3     The Members of the Steering Committee shall appoint from among their ranks, no later than six (6) months after election, the organiser and host of the next bi-annual ENN conference.

5.4     Said Officers shall hold office for two (2) years. Re-election for the chair position is not possible. The ENN headquarters and chairperson shall change location every two (2) years at most, and no later than at the time of the General Meeting held during the bi-annual conference.



About us

ENN is the European Narratology Network, an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions. ENN aims to foster the study of narrative representation in literature, film, digital media, etc. across all European languages and cultures.