Issue XIV, May 2016

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I: Editorial 2    

II: Co-optations Steering Committee 3


III: Conference-related Matters

 III.1: ENN 3 Conference Proceedings 5

III.2: ENN 4 Conference proceedings 5

III.3. ENN 5: Dates 6


IV: Mailing list           6


V: Upcoming Events, CfPs and Jobs           7


VI: New Publications          8

VII: Links          9

Issue XIII, 2015

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I: Editorial    

II: Conference-related Matter

II.1: 4th ENN Conference

II.2: Minutes of the General Meeting

II.3. 5th ENN Conference 

II.5. ENN 4 Publications

II.4. Call for a third Co-opted member


III: Upcoming Events, CfPs and Jobs          


IV: New Publications


Issue XII, 2015

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O: Editorial                                                    

I: Fourth International ENN Conference    (Ghent University)           
II: Conference Report                           
      Speech melody: Cross-disciplinary practices in teaching languages, text interpretation and music
      Saratov State University – Balashov, Russia – March 3 and 4, 2015   

III: Research Centers
      III.1: Interdisciplinary Centre for Narratology (ICN)
              University of Hamburg                           
      III.2: Center for Narrative Research (CNR) / Zentrum für
              Erzählforschung (ZEF)
              University of Wuppertal                           
      III.3: A History of Distributed Cognition
              University of Edinburgh                           

IV: New Publications                               


Issue XI, 2014

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O: Editorial                                                                                        

I: Obituary: Geoffrey Leech (1936 – 2014)  

II. Conference Reports                       
II.1: Troubling Narratives: Identity Matters
      The University of Huddersfield, 19 and 20 June 2014           
II.2: The 7th Narrative Matters Conference
      Université Paris Diderot, 23 to 27 June 2014
II.3: Audionarratology: Interfaces of Sound and Narrative
      University of Paderborn, 11 and 12 September 2014
 II.4: 7th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling   
      ICIDS 2014 – National University of Singapore, 3 to 6 November 2014

III: Research Centers                      
III.1: Narrare: Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies
        University of Tamper               
III.2: Narrative Research Lab and Centre for Fictionality Studies
        Aarhus University, Denmark               

IV: Book report
 Semiosphere of Narratology: A Dialogue of Languages and Cultures,
      edited by Ludmila Tataru and José Ángel García Landa              

V: New Publications

VI: Information on Transmedia and Online Publications       

Newsletter, Issue X, May 2014

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O: Editorial                                                                                        

I: Call for Papers and Upcoming Event                             
I.1: XV. Film and Media Studies Conference in Transylvania 24 to 26 October 2014 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania           
I.2: Mondes possibles, mondes numériques : enjeux et modalités de l’immersion fictionnelle – du 18 au 20 juin 2014, Le Mans   

II: Conference Reports                          
II.1: Rethinking Intermediality in the Digital Age Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania 24 to 26 October 2013 – Cluj-Napoca                   
II.2: Les bifurcations du récit interactif : Continuité ou rupture ? 14 février 2014 – Université de Lausanne               

III: Special reports
III.1: Narrative Theory in Poland                              
III.2: Narrative Theory in the Czech Republic               

IV: New Publications                                      

Newsletter, Issue IX, December 2013

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0: Editorial

I: Conference Reports
I.1 : 2nd International Meeting on Narratology and the Arts
      Strasbourg - December 5-7, 2013
I.2  : Colloquium "On Description"
      Prague - November 14, 2013
I.3 : 6th International Conference for Interactive Digital Storytelling
      Istanbul – November 6-9, 2013
I.4 : 4th International Conference on Narratology
      Guangzhou, China – November 6-9, 2013
I.5: “The Future of Feminist Narratology”
      Cambridge – October 12, 2013
I.6: “The Hundredth Anniversary of Russian Formalism”
       Moscow – August 25-29, 2013
I.7: “The Russian Trace within Narratology”
       Balashov, Russia – November 26-28, 2012

II: Upcoming Events and CfPs    

III: New Publications                           

IV: Information on Online Publications, etc. 

Newsletter, Issue VIII, April 2013

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O: Editorial                                                                                       

II: Conference Reports                               
II.1: 3rd ENN Conference                            
Minutes of the General Meeting                       
II.2: “Belye Chteniya” (White Readings)
Russian State University of the Humanities, Moscow           

III: Upcoming Events and CfPs                                  

IV: New Publications                                                          

V: Information on Online Publications, etc.


Newsletter, Issue VII, January 2013

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O: Editorial

I:3rd ENN Conference

II: ENN Membership

III: Conference reports
III.1: Graduate Forum Narratoloy - Wuppertal, Germany
III.2: "Art as Text: Narratological, Semiotic and Transmedial Approaches" - Paris, France

IV: Reports on Research Centers

V: New Publications

VI: Information on Online Publications


Newsletter, Issue VI, April 2012

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O: Editorial

I: ENN Membership
II: Obituary: Dorrit Cohn (1924-2012)
III: Upcoming events and CfPs
III.1: RRENAB - Sixth meeting in Louvain-la-Neuve
III.2: CfP: Language and Psychoanalysis National Narratology Conference, 2011

IV: Conference reports
IV.1 China’s 3rd International Conference & 5th National Narratology Conference, 2011
IV.2: “Narrative. Theory and Interpretation. 3rd International Workshop on “Philosophy-Sign-Narrative”
IV.3: “La narrativité entre sémiotique, sciences cognitives et sciences sociales”
IV.4: “2012 Narrative Conference, Las Vegas”

V: ENN Website

VI: New Publications

VII: Reports on Publications

Newsletter, Issue V, November 2011

Download: ENN Newsletter V 2011

I: ENN Membership

II: The 3rd ENN Conference

III: Upcoming events and CfPs
III.1:Narrative and Complex Systems
III.2: The 11th ESSE Conference
III.3: Séminaire “Narratologies Contemporaines” 2011/2012
III.4: Expanding connections: Learning, the body and the environment
III.5: La narrativité entre sémiotique, sciences cognitives 
         et sciences sociales

IV: Conference reports
IV.1: The Soochow University 2nd International Workshop
        on Narratology        
IV.2: IV.2: Style in Fiction Today Conference   

V: ENN Website
VI: New Publications   
VII: Reports on Publications           


Newsletter, Issue IV, May/June 2011

Download: ENN Newsletter IV/2011

I: ENN Membership

II: Upcoming events and CfPs  
II.1: SEL workshop. "Unnatural Narratives and their Theory" 
II.2: Association for Cultural Studies 1st International Summer Institute    
3: ICIDS 2011:Call for Papers
II.4: Storyworlds across Media
II.5: Contemporary Uses of Narrative
II.6: Conference: Intersections of Law and Culture: Human Rights 
II.7: Conference "Space in Literature: Questioning Space in Fiction"        
II.8: Seminar (CNRS/EHESS): "Narratologies contemporaines.  New Social Uses of Narrative II"
II.9: “Transmedial Storytelling and Transfictionality”
II.10: “Possible Worlds Theory and transmedial narratology” 
II.11: "Obama and the Paradigm Shift: The Measure of Change in the US and Germany

III: Conference reports
III.1: Report on the 2nd ENN Conference, March 10-11, 2011
III.2: Nonhuman Narratives Symposium          
III.3: Seminar on Storytelling and Design explores the Transformation of the Ideas to Objects                   
II.4: Narrative Conference – ISSN                                               

IV: Narrative research and Organizational Life meet in Network for Corporate Storytelling

V: The living handbooks of narratology

VI: ENN Website

VII: New Publications
VII.1: Report on Publications
VII.2: Book discount

Newsletter, Issue III, October/November 2010

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I: The 2nd Conference of the ENN

II: Upcoming events and CfPs

II.1: Annual Conference "Beliye chteniya" ("White readings"): Workshop on Narratology

II.2: International Workshop: Philosophy ▪ Sign ▪ Narrative

II.3: Conference "Narrative Ethics"

II.4: CfP: Narrative Conference 2011

II.5: CfP: Teaching Narrative and Teaching through Narrative & Pre-Conference Doctoral Course

II.6: Open call: Seminar "Les réits transfictionnels"

III: Narrative Research Lab (Aarhus University, Denmark): events, CfPs and publications

IV: Conference Reports

IV.1: Conference Report: New Developments in Narratology: Cognitive, Communicative and Philosophical Approaches

IV.2: Workshop Report: Narratives. Cultural representations and practices

IV.3: Conference Report: Philosophy ▪ Sign ▪ Narrative

IV.4: Conference Report: Keeping it Real: Narratives of Ordinary and Extraordinary People Across Media

IV.5: Conference Report: Which narratologies beyond mimetic narratology?

IV.6: Seminar Report: Narrative Interactions: Stories, Identities and Voices

IV.7: Conference Report: Current Narratological Problems in the Context of Czech and German Humanities

V: living handbook of narratology

VI: ENN Website

VII: New Publications

Newsletter, Issue II, March/April 2010

Download: ENN Newsletter II/2010


0: Editorial

I: ENN Associates and Members

II: Call for Papers: ENN Conference

III: Conference Reports

III.1: Workshop Report: "Narratology and the New Social Dimensions of
Narrative" (France, February 2010)

III.2: Conference Report: "Northern Self-Fashionings. Narrating the Self in the
Nordic Region" (Denmark, November 2009)

IV: New Publications

Newsletter, Issue I, October/November 2009

Download: ENN Newsletter I/2009


I: ENN Membership

II: ENN Conference

III: Narratology Research Centres and Projects - Conference reports

III.1: Conference report: The 2nd International Narratology Conference and the 4th National Narratology Conference Held in Chongqing, China

IV: New publications