Newsletter, Issue III, October/November 2010

Download: ENN Newsletter III/2010


I: The 2nd Conference of the ENN

II: Upcoming events and CfPs

II.1: Annual Conference "Beliye chteniya" ("White readings"): Workshop on Narratology

II.2: International Workshop: Philosophy ▪ Sign ▪ Narrative

II.3: Conference "Narrative Ethics"

II.4: CfP: Narrative Conference 2011

II.5: CfP: Teaching Narrative and Teaching through Narrative & Pre-Conference Doctoral Course

II.6: Open call: Seminar "Les réits transfictionnels"

III: Narrative Research Lab (Aarhus University, Denmark): events, CfPs and publications

IV: Conference Reports

IV.1: Conference Report: New Developments in Narratology: Cognitive, Communicative and Philosophical Approaches

IV.2: Workshop Report: Narratives. Cultural representations and practices

IV.3: Conference Report: Philosophy ▪ Sign ▪ Narrative

IV.4: Conference Report: Keeping it Real: Narratives of Ordinary and Extraordinary People Across Media

IV.5: Conference Report: Which narratologies beyond mimetic narratology?

IV.6: Seminar Report: Narrative Interactions: Stories, Identities and Voices

IV.7: Conference Report: Current Narratological Problems in the Context of Czech and German Humanities

V: living handbook of narratology

VI: ENN Website

VII: New Publications