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Rojo de Castro
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Area: Postmodern British and American fiction (esp.); British & Irish Modernism; Victorian fiction.
Approach: I am particularly interested in the potential of narrative patterns to encode cultural discourses and sociopolitical dynamics which, in turn, are transported to later periods in literary praxes. From a narratological point of view, my perspective could be said to stand at the intersection of cultural studies and political theory, and along a cross-historical axis. This applies to my focus on both British and American contemporary fiction. I believe their fascination with their 19th-century Victorian and Puritan predecessors, the influence of the modernist (intertextual) understanding of literature, and the consolidation of neoliberalism have all impacted narrative form deeply, so that narratological studies may unearth not only textual patterns, but sociological ones – and shed light on such current phenomena as the resurgence of nationalisms, Brexit, or Trumpism.



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