2nd ENN Conference Kolding 2011


The second ENN conference "Working the Stories. Narrative as a Meeting Place for Theory, Analysis and Practice" was hosted by the Center for Narratological Studies, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding.


It was decided by the steering committee of the ENN to make it possible for the delegates to publish their presentations through three different channels.

An edited and peer reviewed selection of revised articles with a focus on unnatural narratology and/or transmedial narrative is to appear as a volume in the Narratologia series published by de Gruyter. The volume is edited by Jan Alber (Freiburg) and Per Krogh Hansen (Kolding).

Another edited selection will appear in the Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (ACJN), which also published the proceedings from the 1st ENN conference.

Finally, for those presentations we were unable to include in the two publications mentioned above (either because of our space limitations or because the authors have other plans for their work), a third possibility for publishing was offered, and the result is in the collection bellow. The collection consists of fifteen papers and PowerPoint presentations from the conference, some of them revised after the conference, some not. They have not been edited or formalized. The aim is to make the papers presented at the conference available to a wider audience and kept for future reference for fellow delegates who participated in the stimulating and often challenging presentations and discussions.


Bibliographical information:

Working with Stories. Narrative as a Meeting Place for Theory, Analysis and Practice: Proceedings from the 2nd ENN Conference, Kolding 2011.
Publisher: European Narratology Network (ENN) | www.narratology.net
Collected by Per Krogh Hansen, Chairman of the ENN
ISBN: 978-87-994644-0-1

The papers and presentations can also be accessed as single files:

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