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Narratological Readings

Narratological Readings

December 12-13, 2019

St Petersburg State University

Faculty of Arts

Founding conference of the International Society for Fiction and Fictionality Studies (ISFFS) - 28-30 November 2019

Call for papers : The anomaly in question(s), TRANS- the journal of general and comparative literature

When Gregor Samsa and his relatives realize that the protagonist of The Metamorphosis has become a cockroach, their world is shaken not because he is no longer a man, but rather because he cannot go to work anymore. Therefore, Gregor’s metamorphosis is only relevant for fiction from the moment new ways of perceiving things irrupt and highlight the shackles of a society imprisoned in its material concerns.

Séminaire CRAL (CNRS/EHESS) Recherches contemporaines en narratologie: "Récits à l'épreuve du hasard"

Rencontre G. Prince - Guide du roman de langue française (1951-2000)

Poétique, esthétique, écriture: autoir de l'oeuvre de Gérard Genette

Poétique, esthétique et écriture : autour de l’œuvre de Gérard Genette

Narratological Transfer: French Narratology in Russia / Russian Narratology in France


French Narratology in Russia / Russian Narratology in France


Proceedings of the international seminar held at the 

Moscow Center for French and Russian Studies July 12, 2017

Edited by Larissa Mouravieva and John Pier

Available on the website “Narratologies” at:

Call for papers for the 25th issue of TRANS-: “Insularities /Archipelagos”

In Philosophie de la Relation (Philosophy of Relation), Édouard Glissant defines archipelagic thinking as hesitant intuitive thinking that can be opposed to continental ways of thinking, which above all rely on systems:

Call for Papers - Intermediality in New Narratological Research (11-12 April, Olsztyn, Poland)

11-12 April 2019

Olsztyn (Poland)


Maria Mäkelä (Tampere University)Magdalena Rembowska-Płuciennik (Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences)Jan-Noël Thon (University of Nottingham)



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